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The Brain Donors series

20082011, Photography,
Text C-Prints, Mounted and Framed
Image size 40.5 x 50.8 cm
Frame size 50.8 x 60.9 cm
12 works


The Moment When You Forgot Your
Best Friend's Name

2011, Colour Xerographic Prints,
Dimensions varied, 10 Works


Errors of Omission series

2011, Photography Duraclear prints,
Dimensions varied, 9 Works


After I Am Gone series

2011, Photography,
Framed, 20 Works


For You My Love, To Remember
Me By

2011, Photography,
Giclee prints on blocks with back batons,
Dimensions varied, 7 Works


Tools of Remembering series

20082011, Photography
C-Prints, Alumium mounted with back batons,
10 Works


It Really Was Beautiful series

2011, C-Prints,
Dimensions varied, 11 Works



20082011, Installation,
Crochet Doilies, Photography, Furniture, Sheets
Dimensions varied


Corpus Callosum

2011, Video,
Two channel video,


Memory Ends.

2011, Sound,
Collaboration with Composer and
Sound Designer Gaetano Serra,
14 track Audio Installation